Art & Artisan Books is a small specialist bookshop in the delightful market town of Bishop’s Castle in South Shropshire, very close to the Welsh border.

Our specialism is in Art & Design, including making and creating as well as craft based inspirational books. We tend to stock books that inspire, rather than the project based books that talk you through the steps to creating something.

We are particularly well known for our ‘yarnbombing’ which uses ideas sourced from our books to catch people’s attention.

We opened in July 2007, and provide a service to the local community dealing with customer orders for books that are not standard stock for us; we have a customer base that stretches further than the next bookshop because of our specialist nature.

We know our market well enough to provide something a bit different, a mix of titles that encourages a customer to see our shop as a first resort when they need inspiration.