We are expanding our children’s section with the help of a James Patterson grant, emphasising the visual and fun. Alongside traditional books such as primers and Nursery Rhymes we sell some fiction but like to concentrate on books that stimulate, excite and encourage. Some young people do not feel particularly confident with a book that is text heavy, but visual content can be a more welcoming entry into the world of reading; graphic novels for example.

We believe that a child is never too young to hold a book; from early board books right through, a child needs to learn how a book ‘works’; how to hold it, how to turn a page (not with a swipe!) and to discover the pleasure of books.

We strongly believe that the ‘arts’ in the current education system is sadly neglected, and children should be encouraged to experiment and play with art and craft… as a result many of our children’s titles are interactive books in some form.